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Очень жаль, что все, кто хорошо знает, как управлять страной,постоянно заняты писаниной разной xу*ни на форумах.

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Форум / fun + money 

20.08.2011 17:49:06

Here a message from goooD looking guy..! :P

I-m in LV for 8 years (Vec Riga), and I have a 3 companies in real real real busy I neeeD some relaxation.... I meet now with 5 girls (3 are 18-19) and (2 are 20-23) from oho/ :) (1 hour...40LVL, ONLY oral sex (minet), meetings almost every week..!) (ps: a lot of persons go to massage for relaxation...and pay for that...not so smart of them.. ;) as...these meetings are 10x more fun and 11x more relaxing..! ;)

ps: ALL are students and ALL pretty/fun/interesting and ALL are like me...having a real busy life...and also needing some fun/relaxation also sometimes...! + as they are students they can use sometimes a bit of money also for paying rent/university/phone/clothes..etc..! you are fun/interesting/pretty and...if you like fun/interesting guys + like fun&new adventures in life, write me:

1. what you do in life...? ;) (studying working)
2. where you life...Riga I hope..? ;)
3. how old are you..? ;)

Want to hear from you..! and...soon..! :)

** ;)

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